Adam Cooke

I currently work as a consultant for Qlik, a software company doing some interesting stuff in business intelligence. Check it out I write this blog to showcase some technical bits that I hope will be useful to others.



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Personally, I don't have anything against a pie chart in the right context. Some people hate pie charts/donut charts, I do not hold such strong views. Really when considering using a pie chart with a dynamic tool like Qlik Sense or Tableau, it's more about understanding the context. Pie Charts are one of the best visualizations when they are comparing two values in a snapshot. They are also one...

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In places where Qlikview is already alive you may want to give your users a single place for them to access both types. This can be done using this project on Qlik Branch:   This is one approach for handling both products on the same site and helps keep things simple for the end user....

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Hi guys, It occurs to me that lots of people may not be familiar with javascript who are from a more traditional Qlikview environment. Javascript has come a long way. We can use Javascript to build some great extensions. Just take a look at the Qlik branch website. Here is a list of good starter tutorials for javascript and eventually NodeJS which is a javascript based serverside...

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