Adam Cooke

I currently work as a consultant for Qlik, a software company doing some interesting stuff in business intelligence. Check it out I write this blog to showcase some technical bits that I hope will be useful to others.


Visualisation Best Practice

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One of the easiest charts to create in Qlik Sense or Excel or any BI tool is a line chart. Very good for showing trends over time but also very easy to make look like spaghetti or a pile of string if not thought about correctly.   See what I mean?   Here are a couple of alternatives while still using the line chart to make the data more readable. Use space to...

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This post may be of interest to you if you want to do a branded layout in Qlik Sense. With Qlikview it was very easy to throw a layout together and use show hide conditions to make intuitive layouts. Qlikview people often comment that Sense is more restrictive, or somehow has less features because the layout by default is now grid based to cater for mobility. I would...

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