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I currently work as a consultant for Qlik, a software company doing some interesting stuff in business intelligence. Check it out I write this blog to showcase some technical bits that I hope will be useful to others.


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Recently I was trying to use dates as one of the dimensions inside an extension.   Qlik can deal with lots of types of dates, when they are passed to the extension they come through in both a text format in the way they were formatted within Qlik using the date time functions and the Qlik Serial Number. This is handy, but since I wanted the extension to work...

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One of the easiest charts to create in Qlik Sense or Excel or any BI tool is a line chart. Very good for showing trends over time but also very easy to make look like spaghetti or a pile of string if not thought about correctly.   See what I mean?   Here are a couple of alternatives while still using the line chart to make the data more readable. Use space to...

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This is a great example of using workbench editor to get the most out of Qlik Sense and achieve things that no other product(including Qlikview) can with drag drop functionality for users with no HTML/CSS skills! Hopefully more to follow. [embed][/embed]   The branch project: This approach is one way to generate very customised web applications using approved branded templates built by an expert and empower business users to professionally publish...

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